From an abandoned, homeless, throw-away and substance abusive teen dropout, Joseph Binning became the owner and founding president of MEPCor, a nationally respected industry innovator, board member at the San Diego Center for Children, mentor, world traveler, homeowner, doting father, athlete, health enthusiast, and self-made visionary.

At a transformational workshop in 2016, after whispering into the ears of the attendees the two words his heart had forever yearned to hear, he suddenly—and with clarifying certainty—knew his life purpose.   In discovering the truth of his limiting beliefs about himself, love, and success, Joseph not only rose up and reinvented himself, but joyfully made it to his self-proclaimed finish line.

“If I were to die in my sleep tonight, I would be at peace, knowing that I helped others to know how much they matter, because I discovered the truth…that I MATTER.”

Joseph Binning

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