It felt like my life was falling apart.

So, one day, I set sail upon the Sea of Regrets searching… for a distant place I knew only in my mind.

I eventually found my destination after what must have been a very, very long time.

As I approached it, I could see the Shores of Despair. It was a dismal place. Not very inviting.

I looked around and soon spotted the Cliffs of Sadness. They reminded me of how I felt.

I felt the Disappointment of the Journey and thought the toll it had taken upon me was greater than I could bear.

After landing, I crossed through the Fields of Sorrow on the way towards my final destination.

I came around the corner and much to my Dismay I noticed one lowly tree, standing alone.

I knew that was my final resting place.

I reflected on my life and thought only of my Unhappiness and how unbearable it was.

I sat below the Tree of Greif and began Mourning and contemplating my Life.

It was in that moment that I suddenly had an overwhelming Sense of Content which brought about a Feeling of Happiness, and Fulfillment?

The more I thought about my life and the blessings I do have, the greater the sense of Joy I experienced.

It was in that moment I stood up and noticed it was actually the Tree of Life I was sitting beneath.

Ashamed and yet grateful for the tree, I journeyed back home.

Soon as I crossed the fields, I realized they were actually the Fields of Glee. I just didn’t notice.

I soon passed the cliffs and realized that they were actually the Cliffs of Happiness. I just couldn’t see that at the moment I arrived.

Soon I was on the shore only to realize it was the Shores of Bliss I was actually standing on.

An Overwhelming sense of Peace and Gratitude came upon me knowing that my storm had passed, and I was once again free to enjoy my life again.

I soon set sail upon what was now the Sea of Satisfaction headed back home.

I felt the Gratitude of the Journey and the Revelation it had given me.

I realized Pain would come into my life. But pain, like storms, it will eventually pass.

It was in my Moment of Despair it made me aware of how Actually Lucky I was to be alive.

And how good it is to be who I AM.

I am highlighting how we can feel overwhelmed by pain. But pain, like storms, will pass.

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