The Greatest Gift You Can Get, Is to Love Yourself, First
The Greatest Gift You Can Get, Is to Love Yourself, First

The Greatest Gift You Can Give, Is to Love Yourself

We all chase the likes, shares, right swipes, and positive comments. We treat it like it’s a gift. But the greatest gift we can give is to Love ourselves.

Life conditions us, through bad teachings, that love is external. That our love for ourselves relates to the opinions of those who we revere or love in our daily lives. It might be a supervisor or boss. It might be a coach or a teacher. It could be a neighbor, friend, relative, or loved one.

We hear about social media influencers with lots of followers with no actual friends who commit suicide. We wonder why they did it? We ration that they had problems no one could see. No one looked.

Society today tells us we need to be thin, wealthy, fashionable, dating beautiful people, that we need to be seen in all the right places spending time with all the right people. Yet the best person you can spend time with is yourself, alone.

I see it everywhere today. People rushing here and there, constantly looking down at a phone. I’ve been at dinner parties and have seen others focused on someone in another place and were only interested in what they were doing somewhere else, rather than bond with someone directly in front or next to them.

I have a saying I use often, to be Loved, you must be Lovable. In order to be Lovable, you must Love yourself, first.

So, what happens when I Love myself first? Here are a few examples:

  • I don’t get offended easily
  • I Love for the right reasons
  • I can refuse to be with anyone who doesn’t respect me
  • I attract those who Love themselves into my life
  • Other’s opinion of me cannot devastate me

Loving yourself requires you to nurture yourself. Be the adult to your inner child. Teach it how valuable it is. Most of all, you need to teach it YOUR values, not someone else’s. Only you can determine your value.

The Greatest Gift You Can Get, Is to Love Yourself, First
Only you can determine your value.

Many people today do not know how to learn to Love themselves, how to appreciate their own beauty, their glory.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Learn to be still. We have two selves, an outer self that feeds on external stimulus and an inner self. We connect our inner self to our source and it will tell us what we need to hear. But you have to be still to hear it.
  • Talk less and listen more. Stop telling yourself what you need or don’t need. Be still and listen to your inner self. Connect with your source, whatever that might be.
  • Stop chasing people. When you chase after anything, it will repel away from you. It’s the natural order. When you stop chasing things, you allow what you need to be attracted to you.
  • Remind yourself you are not a god. You will make mistakes, it’s natural. This is how we learn. You were never expected to be perfect, so when you make a mistake, remember it, and learn from it.
  • Know You Are Enough. You are complete as you are. You do not need the perfect friend, outfit, car, or lover to be complete. These things are only an addition to what already complete. If you lose one, you won’t be devastated.

Sometimes I get down, we all do. Sometimes it seems like the sun won’t ever shine in my world. I know it won’t last because everything in life, including dark times, is temporary, but sometimes in the moment it seems like it will never end.

That’s when I remind myself of how valuable I am. I remind myself that I am so valuable that even if I were the only person on the planet, my source would have created all of this just for me. Everything I could see, touch, smell, or hear.

We need to remember that we need to be our own best friends first.

That’s why I say, The Greatest Gift You Can Give, Is to Love Yourself




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The Greatest Gift You Can Get, Is to Love Yourself, First
The Greatest Gift You Can Get, Is to Love Yourself, First