I’ve alway’s had animals as companions in my life so having them was normal. Cats have always been my favorite.

Here is what I have learned from them:

Cats don’t need you.

They don’t jump up and down when you come home.

They don’t eat the couch while you are gone.

They catch things and bring them to you for you to see.

They sleep all day while you are away, and play all night while your trying to sleep.

They only let you touch them if they want, and won’t if they don’t.

They always come home, unless something interesting stumbles onto their path, then they won’t.

If you buy them an expensive toy, they will want to only play with the wrapper.

In life we need to be more like a cat.

We need to Want and not need.

We need to appreciate more then we need to be appreciated.

We need to not to not expect the worse in life, and jump on the couch every now and than.

We need to realize that life’s treasures are best enjoyed when shared with someone.

We need to remember that life is not all about work and we need to play.

We need to set boundaries and standards. Live with no regrets.

We need to be flexable in life that when something interesting comes along we explore it but always return home.

We need to Remember that it’s not always the most expensive toy in life that will bring the greatest joy.

And lastly, if it makes you purrr, don’t fight it, enjoy it.


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