How to Find Happiness in Hard Times

Life can sometimes be hard, ridiculously hard. It was designed to be. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t appreciate it when it’s not. It’s in the hard times that we develop our character. Shaped into the person who it meant us to be. How to Find Happiness in Hard Times can sometimes be a challenge unless you know where to look.

We’ve all been there. Stuck in feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. When times get hard, these feelings leave us overwhelmed, unempowered, and out of control. It can leave you unmotivated to move forward. How to Find Happiness in Hard Times is when, despite yourself, you push forward. You give it just one more try.


Too many people give up when it seems impossible, but…


“When everything seems to go against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

-Henry Ford [1]

When I was younger, I had the belief that some external source could make me happy. If I just had this thing, or girl, or job, it would make me happy. But it didn’t. I kept chasing after things, physical things, emotional things, spiritual things, but even though they brought about momentary happiness, it never lasted.

One day I was at a conference and overheard a group of ladies talking about the subject. One woman was the wife of a remarkably successful man and was asked by another woman, “how does your husband make you happy? The woman of the successful man shocked the other woman and myself when she answered, “oh, he can’t make me happy, only I can make me happy”.

I was at that conference looking for the answer to being happy and found it from his wife accidently.

Happiness is a choice. Happiness is an internal choice. Happiness is an internal choice with a decision to accept that choice. Once you accept that choice you will begin to feel Happiness in Hard Times and in Good Times.

In my book You Matter, even if you don’t think so, which you can purchase on Amazon here: Amazon You Matter, even if you don’t think so, I discuss a few topics that will help you find Happiness in Hard Times.

  1. Forgiveness



In my chapter Forgiveness: Not for the Other Person I explain, you need to forgive both yourself and others. Forgiveness is about you and not the other person. You must get to the place  where you ask for forgiveness out loud with a sincere heart.

 Forgive yourself for feeling unhappy because you were looking in the wrong place for it.

  Forgive others who you burdened your happiness with, who never could have created it for you.


  1. Take back the power you gave your past.

    Take back your power

In my chapter Failure: Where You Are: Not Where You Have Been, I discuss how your past does not make you who you are. It only dictates where you have been. Only you have the power to dictate who you are. Many of us associate our happiness with our past and allow guilt or regrets to interfere with it.





  1. Live a life of no regrets

    Live a life of no regrets

 In my chapter Regrets: Why They Are Harmful I discuss why we should not have any. Mistake are lessons we make so we can learn. Would we like a life with no mistakes? Can you imagine a  life never learning?

       Choose wisely before you act, own the decision, then move on.




  1. Change your beliefs about yourself.

    Change your beliefs about yourself

In my chapter Beliefs: Where Did They Come From? I discuss how some beliefs we have about ourselves and others can sometimes come from worthless information. If you are told for a long time you are not worthy is it no surprise you feel that way?

The truth is you are worthy. You are valuable, just as you are. You are not broken, damaged goods, or a throwaway person. Believe you are worthy, maybe for the first time, and you will see    and feel happiness.



  1. Find your Joy.

    find your joy

In my chapter Joy: How to Find It—and Keep It I discuss the importance of having Joy in your life. Joy, simply stated, is that which brings you peace. It charges your batteries. It shapes  your worldview, and the view of yourself.

Joy is a choice. Joy is both internal and external. Joy does not mean you will never be sad or hurt. But with joy in your life it won’t last. Joy brings about an external feeling of happiness that radiates within you, which brings internal happiness. You feel a sense of happiness. Happiness makes you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you treat others better. This is how we change the world, one person at a time.



But it starts with you.

Change starts with you


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You can also get more helpful information in my book You Matter, even if you don’t think so which you can purchase on Amazon here Amazon You Matter, even if you don’t think so


Remember: Happiness is a choice, so choose to be happy.

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[1] Henry Ford > Quotes > Quotable Quote, goodreads, accessed 09/28/2020,

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Too many times we walk through life blind. We do not see that which is in front of us. Sometimes it is by accident, sometimes it is because it distracts us, but sometimes it is because we ignored the signs. The signs instructing us in Avoiding the Signs Warning of the Hole we call the Pitfalls of Life.

Avoiding the Signs Warning of the Hole we call the Pitfalls of Life come in many forms. Verbal. Visual. Physical. Internal.

The question you need to ask yourself is “why did I choose this road?” Whose direction did I arrive at this place by? Was it mine, or was I lead? Did I decide this was the direction I wanted to go, or was I convinced by someone, or something else?

More often than we wish to admit, we as humans decide based on being influenced rather than having true independent thoughts. Between social media, the media, our social “tribe”, our families, friends, teachers, and spiritual advisors, our thoughts and patterns in life are molded and create us in the image they wish for us. The question to you is how do you prevent from falling into the pitfalls of life?

It was spring. The sun was shining, the birds were singing as I was walking to work looking forward to another great day at the new job I had worked so hard to land. It was a great place to work, good people, fun work, fantastic environment, the clients, and boss loved me. Little did I realize how much my life would change in such a short time when I encountered “The Hole”.


The Hole , is the experience we encounter if we ignore the signs we see every day in life. Allow me to explain.

Day one: I was walking to work that day and had a great deal on my mind. I had argued with a co-worker, my girlfriend was unhappy with my “obsession” with work, my friends complained I never came around anymore, and my parents never heard from me.

blankAs I was walking and rationalizing these things out loud, I collapsed into an large hole. It came out of nowhere. I never saw it coming. It was deep, dark, scary, and I could not get out. I felt afraid. I could not get out alone. Without Avoiding the Signs Warning of the Hole we call the Pitfalls of Life, I became trapped.

It seemed like forever before anyone noticed I was there. I could not get out alone. This was the first stage of my experience.


My day now became worse. I rationalized that this was not my fault. Why weren’t their signs posted that a hole was here? Why wasn’t someone here to help me? I did not deserve this. This was the first stage of my experience.


Day two: I walked down the same street. The birds did not sing, and the clouds covered the brightness and warmth of the sun. I was not happy. I saw the hole. It was enormous! I saw many signs that said “DANGER”. As I fell into the hole again, I remember thinking “why am I doing this, it’s dark, its cold, and I’m afraid.”

It seemed like forever before anyone noticed I was there. I could not get out alone, again. This was the second stage of my experience.


Day three: I was walking down the same street. It was warmer than the day before. As I approached the hole, I took notice of the jagged edges I could have hurt myself on the days before. It was the largest hole ever in existence in all of mankind. Looking around I found something to make a larger warning sign, not wanting anyone who came behind me to fall for fear of hurting themselves.

I made it large, really large so everyone could see. I remember feeling that I had done such a wonderful thing as I walked around the hole. It felt so good to know someone would not have to go through what I went through.

 I cringed when I heard someone scream as they fell into the hole behind me.

This was the third stage of my experience.

blankDay four: The sun was shining, and the birds were singing as I walked down a different street. This was the last stage of my experience.

Now when I walk to work (or anywhere) I pay close attention to all the wonderful things I had missed and taken for granted and did not take the time to notice the days before. I enjoy my walks more now. I seem to walk a lot these days. I hear many people behind me falling into the hole. I guess they did not see the signs either.


Holes or Pitfalls to Avoid in Life

  1. Blindly Following A Path

Buddha says:

“Do not believe in anything because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything because we find it written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

Someone told the person in the story that the route to take was correct, yet they encountered a pitfall. The person who gave the directions possibly knew of the pitfall, maybe they did not. We define ignorance as lacking knowledge of something. They did not see the hole and fell in.


  1. Magnifying Your Failures

Failure is our best teacher, embrace it. Imagine if when you fell the first time you decided never to walk because it was hard or hurt. The thought never crossed your mind because you had an adventurous spirit and wanted the freedom walking would bring. Now as an adult you are fearful of what might be without finding out. So you never try. Image staying in the hole because it was too deep, too dark, or that you felt scared.


  1. Settle for Less Than What You Want


Too many times in life people “settle” for second best. It is not what you want but, in your mind, you somehow think you only deserve what you settled for. This is a trap. I call them complacency traps.


  1. Avoiding Fear and Uncomfortable Situations


I get it. It’s tough to walk into your boss’ office and demand a raise or go up to that popular girl at the bar and introduce yourself. It’s frightening. You don’t know what will happen, and there’s a reasonable chance that you may not get the desired outcome.


It is only through reaching outside of our comfort zone that we can expand what is in our life.


It’s the things we must work for and take a risk to get we treasure the most in life.


Yes, you might experience the sting of rejection, but the courage needed for taking a chance will build, like strengthening any muscle, and you’ll become bolder and more courageous in other things in life too.


  1. Believe Discouraging Thoughts


We all have negative thoughts.. However, we have the choice to believe those thoughts or not.

And it sure is easy to believe them. We thought them up or someone “important” told them to us, so they must be true, right?


Keep in mind though, that just because you have a limiting or discouraging thought about your own abilities or value does NOT mean that you must accept that belief.


blankYou can choose what beliefs you will accept and which ones you will not. Even if you’re unable to control anything else in your life, you can always control your thoughts.


The important thing is to not feel bad if you see yourself in any of these 5 holes or pitfalls. Often, we may not be aware of what we’re doing, so you shouldn’t feel bad when you discover something counter-productive. Instead, celebrate its discovery and correct your course as needed.


The journey to achieving your life goals may not always be a straight line, but finding your path amidst it all is one of the biggest joys in life.

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I spent most of my life not hearing the words You Matter from anyone’s mouth, even though I heard it from everyone’s actions. And I believed I didn’t matter. That I was so insignificant to the world that there was no way I could make a difference in this world.

I grew up in Los Angeles, California, where violence was a way of life. People had no respect or appreciation for life, which was why they took it so much. You become numb to it. It’s just the way of life in your world. I knew there were certain neighborhoods I just could not go in after dark and some during the day.

People claimed blocks as there’s. It was their hood. It was their loca. It was their barrio. People just didn’t like you if you looked different from what they did. They didn’t trust strangers, and they considered you an invader if you entered the wrong street at the wrong time. If you did, you would get mugged, raped, shot, or stabbed and left on the side of the road. It became our normal.

There were no books or courses you could take to teach you this, you just had to find out on your own and hope you survived. I remember being shot at for dating the wrong girl once. I didn’t find that out until I dropped her off at home, kissed her good night, and drove home.

I can still hear the loud crack when the back window of my car exploded from the gunshot. The noise seemed defining. Glass exploded everywhere and all I could think of was to get away as fast as I could. I got the message and never saw her again, much to her dissatisfaction, and mine. The bullet hole in my dashboard was there to remind me we all had boundaries we just could not cross.


When I reported the gunshot to the police, they told me to accept that I did not belong in that neighborhood because I didn’t belong there should ever go back.


Most of us had no firm sense of self, a strong knowing of who we were and why we were here. We gravitated to others who felt the same as we did, so it was no surprise that we found meaning in groups. A mass of hurt people surrounded by other hurt people looking for meaning in a meaningless world surrounded by so much tragedy.

In a world where all you can think about is surviving one more day, it’s hard to hear any message of hope and believe it. You spend your entire life trying to please your group, your tribe, your homies, blokes, or brothers for fear of not belonging to something. Which puts you in apposition to do anything asked to keep it. Even to ignore the behavior, to object to the results, and pronounce it to someone else’s fault.

Living in this environment, it’s easy to think you don’t matter. That you are just a cog in the wheel. Another mouse on a wheel, going nowhere. An insufficient pile of flesh and bones. A mistake. Someone no one see’s, hears, or cares about. It’s no surprise we feel that way when we feel insignificant and hold our head down.

blankI’m reminded of a story of a man who one day looked down and saw a coin on the ground. It caught his eye, so he picked it up and thought himself to be so lucky. For the rest of his life he only looked down, scouring the ground for his fortune. Yet he missed all the beauty around him, and it made him bitter because all he saw was dirty sidewalks and roads, never the flowers or the trees.


In my recently published book titled You MATTER, even if you don’t think so which you can buy on Amazon, I share the many ways I learned that I Matter.

I had to forgive myself. To forgive myself for my limiting way of thinking about myself.

I had to forgive those who had hurt me, or who I had hurt.

I had to discover some simple truths. I was born for an unlimited Universe, which means my potential is unlimited.

blankI had to believe it. With ourselves we don’t believe the positive and sometimes only believe the negative when it should only be the opposite.

I had to act on the information I received. Knowing how to swim will do you no good when you fall into the water unless you move your arms and legs.

You Matter. You as an individual. As a person. As a human being. It’s perfectly fine to associate with a group, or to identify with them if you know who you are and why you are here. You as an individual. The person.

That’s why I wrote You MATTER, even if you don’t think so. It was to remind you that you matter, if to no one else, to me. I see you. I hear you. I value you. As a person. Not a race, or a religion, or a political party. Just you.


“In any relationship, the leader must convince those following him to follow him by being a leader worth following”.

−Joseph Binning

As a man you were born a leader by nature. You are a hunter and gather by birth. You cannot change that, nor can you escape that. A mighty warrior called to leave a mark on the world by leaving the best piece of you behind and sacrifice everything to accomplish that mission. You have been tasked to fend off all things that will bring harm or ill will to you and yours. At all costs. But your greatest enemy is you.

There is an old Indian tale of a Grandfather sitting around the fire with his Grandson telling him of the two wolves that live within every man and are constantly at war with each other.

One wolf is a dark soul, vicious, evil, wicked, hateful, spiteful, full of ego and envy, who wreaks havoc and destruction to everyone and everything he encounters. He is selfish and mean to others. He only cares for himself. He lives to hurt you. He has no feelings.

The other is a wolf of the light. He is kind, but he is not weak. Strong, yet gentle. Mighty, but humble. We respect him because he is respectable. He listens first, and he judges not. He strives to be the best for him, for you. He leads by example and forgives easily.

The Grandson asks the Grandfather “Grandfather, which wolf wins the war?”. To which the Grandfather replies” whichever one you feed the most”.blank

As men, it’s during our upbringing that we develop, or don’t, the skills and confidence to lead. Knowing what to do is easy, you just ask someone who is a successful leader in your inner circle. Finding information is easy. It is finding the will to change your life that’s difficult.

Asking for help is one of the most difficult things any man can do. That’s why we don’t ask for directions and drive around for hours or go to the store across town and come home with the wrong item. We don’t ask because we don’t want to seem dumb or incapable.

I once had a coworker who I assigned a task to. In my mind, it was a relatively simple task. I explained it to him in detail, asked him if he understood what it was, I wanted to which he said, yes. I left him with the task and went onto my merry way. Not five minutes later I could hear him cussing across the room, so I went to see what was happening. He informed me he didn’t understand what I had said but did not ask for clarification. When I asked him why he didn’t ask for clarification he replied, “Because I didn’t want to look stupid”.

That how we are as men. When we don’t understand something and don’t ask for clarification, we usually wind up looking stupid. How often has your wife said something that you didn’t understand and didn’t ask for clarification on that you wound up looking stupid over? My guess is more than once.

A very dear friend of mine gave me some much-headed advice. He said, “in any relationship someone will misunderstand you, or you will misunderstand. The trick is to figure out which one it is”.

We don’t ask because we don’t want to look stupid, and yet we wind up looking stupid.


Being a leader of your family is one of the greatest responsibilities you will ever have. Here are some examples of what an outstanding leader looks like that we will dig into to help you become one (I’m not giving up on you so keep going).

JosephBinning.comListen Intending to Hear

You have two ears and only one mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak. When you listen, listen. Men think of what to say next and miss what is being said. Stop it.

Make Eye Contact

When you are speaking with your partner or your children make eye contact. Look them straight into the eyes and don’t look away. Direct eye contact is the surest way to let someone know that you have their full attention and that what they have to say is important to you. This also builds trust.

Be Present

Work will always be there. Social media is not being social. Sports are just games. As men we are task orientated. We fall into this trap that work is necessary to buy what’s needed for your partner or the family. What she and they really want is you, all of you.

Make an Effort

Pick up the vacuum, wash the dishes, bath the kids, make dinner plans, and surprise her with it, arrange a babysitter, show up at her work with flowers just because, just get off the couch! Do it without being asked. Showing her, you see her; you value her, showing her, you appreciate her will pay dividends for days, weeks, months, even years if done right. Do it with no expectations because any act of kindness with an expectation is not a gift, it’s a bribe.

Make Decisions

The biggest complaint I hear from women is that they must make all the decisions in the relationship. Everything from where you eat to what the kids wear. The male ego stops us from deciding because of the false premise that we don’t want to look stupid by making the wrong decision. You make wrong decisions every day, at work, on the road to work, etc. decide, own it, and live with it. It gets easier as you go.

Stay Humble

As we get older, we lose a step. There is nothing worse than an ego-driven male who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips but doesn’t know he isn’t. Allow others to receive credit. Give credit where credit is due. Say thank you. Give people a break. Show her you can rise above every situation without needing to receive the credit. Leaders, genuine leaders, take the brunt of the failure, yet give credit to others for the success. And remember, your child’s accomplishments are their accomplishments and have nothing to do with you.


Communication creates intimacy in any relationship. Intimacy creates trust. Turn off the TV, turn to her and ask her how her day was. Then shut up and listen. When she has a problem, take you Mr. Fix-it hat off, ask her what’s wrong, and just listen. Don’t offering advice unless she asks for it. Women value being heard, so hear what she has to say. Digest it. She’s not attacking you; she’s venting. Let her. Be her safe place that she can go to when she’s feeling hurt, sad, worried, or scared. If you don’t she will go somewhere else and that is the beginning of the end.

Give her Security

Storms in life will come, you can count on it. When they do, she needs to feel secure in you, in the us in the we of your relationships. Men are rational creatures; women are emotional creatures. They created us that way. It’s the perfect balance. When the emotional storms in life have her down, she needs a solid, safe harbor in you. Too many men today crumble when things get tough. Be strong, but gentle. Mighty, but humble. Listen first, speak last. Assure her it will be all right and do whatever it takes to help her.

Cherish Her

Sadly, most men take better care of their cars than they do their relationships. Women need to feel cherished. They need to have their light recharged. Don’t just tell her,  show her. Show her in your actions, then tell her in your words, with random acts of kindness. It will make her feel more valuable than anything in the world to you.

Lead by Example

A leader who gets to the top of the hill and is alone is not a leader. He was just a man on a walk. To lead a family, you must convince them to follow you. To convince them, they must trust you. They will learn to trust you by seeing you consistently acting a certain way. If you want people in your family to be kind, be kind. If you want people to be forgiving in your family, be forgiving. If you want people to live a life of integrity, live a life of integrity. Do it because it’s for the right reason. Don’t expect a reward, a trophy, or big kudos. Let them learn through osmosis. They will model your example.

Be the Leader, not the Boss

Often, as men, we can become the bully who acts like a boss. A boss has demands. My way or the highway. This will not create admiration, devotion, loyalty, or respect. It only breeds contempt. A leader must convince those who he leads to follow. He must have a plan. He must share the plan with those who he leads. And we must have buy in from those who we lead. Each person must have a say in the plan. People will do things better, more eagerly, and with more enthusiasm if they have buy in. People must believe in the leader first, and the cause second.


How to Ask for Advice

Advice is easy to get. Just ask the guy who is just as miserable as you are standing next to you and he will tell you exactly what to do. The problem with that is he doesn’t know either. So, what’s a guy to do?

Advice on your relationship must only come from another man unless the advice is coming from a professional counselor in a professional setting, meaning you are paying for the advice. If you violate this rule, you stand the chance of allowing the “appearance of inappropriate behavior” in your relationship. The easiest way to cause your partner to not trust you is to share private moments with another woman outside of a professional setting.

The opposite is also true for her. Women should not share private moments with another man for the same reasons, but that’s another book.


The best advice I ever received was on how to discern excellent advice from terrible advice for getting advice on my relationships. There are six levels of accomplishment in any man’s life that must be in excellent condition for me to heed his advice. Here is what they are.

  1. His Relationship Must be Rock Solid

The way to verify this is to look at his wife and how she responds to him in public when no one is watching. Some couples have grown accustom to putting on a “face” in public for all to see and let down their guard when no one is looking. If his wife is showing she is deeply in Love and has that “that’s my man” face on’ his advice on relationships is worth listening to. Remember, just because they have married for a long time is not the only or major area of credibility in his advice. I know couples who have been together for an exceptionally long time and are just roommates.


  1. His Finances Must be in Good Order

The number two cause for divorce today, according to, is money.[1] Next to infidelity, money issues are the number one cause for relationships falling apart. Ill give you a hint, it’s not from having too much money and fighting over where to spend it. It comes from having less than your lifestyle requires. The delicate balance of living within your means, for some, can be one of the greatest challenges you will face as a couple. Having a strong financial plan, and sticking to it, will ensure your survival as a couple, so the advice you are given must be from someone who has figured this out and sticks to the plan.


  1. His Kids Need to be Good People

Children reflect the values we raise them in. If two people have children and have little or no time to guide them into becoming the person, we destine them to be, the result is usually less than favorable for the future of some children. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics[2] parents spend 2.14 hours per day caring for and helping children in the household. When you consider an average day starting at 6:00 AM and ending between 7:00-9:00 PM which is between thirteen and fifteen hours in the average day 2.14 hours isn’t a lot of time to help shape the development of the child. Any father who makes his children a priority shows that his advice is worth listening to.


  1. His Home Must Be in Order

As humans, we all struggle with taking the path of least resistance. It is our nature. When I visit someone’s home and I see it is in disarray, weeds everywhere, clothes on the floor in piles, dishes piled up everywhere, it shows slothfulness. I’m not saying you must have everything perfect, but I am saying you must have everything clean. Children model what they grow up in as they develop. As men we are responsible for the home. It is our job to choose the right home for our family situation. If it’s too big to take care of because of life’s requirements, it is our responsibility the change it to something that is manageable.


  1. His Faith Must Be in Order

Any man who claims he is a man of faith must prove it by his actions, not only his words. Many people seek advice from friends of their faith concerning their relationships. I once had a neighbor who hosted couples bible studies who I admired for it until one day I worked with him. During work hours it was impossible to distinguish him from any other foul-mouthed man. If you are taking advice from a man of faith, he must walk the talk, not just talk the talk. Especially when no one is looking.


  1. He Must Be Involved with The Community

A leader worth following is a leader worth listening to. Leaders give back. They get involved as a way of showing gratitude for the blessing they receive. They see needs and they fill it. Im not talking about being a little league coach, although that is very admirable. Being involved without having a personal stake in it, say promoting my child to achieve something I never did as a child for personal reasons, is a quality that is worth admiring. The best examples are those men who get involved and involve their entire family because they teach them the importance of giving back.


As i said earlier, they must meet all six categories for the advice to be worth following. The worst advice is poor advice. Holding those we listen to higher standards will raise our own standards and cause us to rise higher as we lead our families.



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Remember: Happiness is a choice, so choose to be happy.



[1] 10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce/ Shellie Warren/ Updated: 8 Jun, 2020/ 08/18/2020/

[2] Average hours per day parents spent caring for and helping household children as their main activity/ U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics/accessed 08/18/2020/

“An inch of time is an inch of gold, but we cannot purchase an inch of time for an inch of gold.”

–Ancient Chinese Proverb


Timing is everything. Pull the cake out of the oven too soon and it’s ruined. Call the girl too late and she is already seeing someone else. Tell opportunity to wait a second while you get ready, and it passes you by. It’s all in the timing.

Too many people wait for the perfect or right time to do things or to make the right decisions. Far too often that causes us to miss out on some of our greatest opportunities. It’s called analysis paralysis. We wait to figure things out first, but by the time we do, it’s too late.










In my life I took part in the Ironman series of triathlons, a lot. A triathlon race is of varying distances depending on the training level of the participants. For beginners there is a Sprint distance. Next would be an International or Olympic distance. Next would be a Half distance. Next would be a Full distance.

A triathlon comprises an ocean swim of varying distances, anywhere from nine hundred yards to two point four miles, a bike ride of varying distances, anywhere from nine miles to one hundred and twelve miles, followed up by a run of varying distances, anywhere from three miles to twenty-six point two miles which is a marathon distance.

You decide the different distances you take part in based on your level of training. The shorter distances are for the beginner. The longer distances are for the more experienced athlete.


Endurance sports is all about timing. Go to hard at the wrong time and you will burn far too much energy and won’t be able to complete the race. Go to easy and you won’t finish in the time you are aiming for.

An endurance athlete trains a lot. There is a set pre-race training plan each athlete decides for themselves that will determine if they are prepared enough for the race (s) they have entered. Start training too soon, you stand the chance of over-training which leads to injury. Start too late and you possibly don’t finish your race or hurt yourself trying to force your way to the end. It’s a delicate balance between having a life and training for the sport you love. Its all in the timing.















The thing about making training as part of my lifestyle allowed me to be ready and prepared for other races that I might discover. Being ready allowed me to explore other opportunities when they arrived. If a friend asked me to run a half marathon with them because a training partner injured themselves or became sick it was easy for me to say yes to them. Since I was already in shape and had been training already, I could easily take advantage of the opportunity to join my friend and share the experience. Its all in the timing.

Life is like that. It’s a race that you are in and how you finish is actually decided by how you prepare. How well you finish is dictated by how much effort you put into it and if you have a plan or not. It’s all in the timing.

So many times, opportunity presents itself to you by knocking at your door. If you are prepared for it, you answer the door and away you go. But often, people ask opportunity to “wait just a second” while you get ready, only to answer the door and find that it has passed you by because the timing wasn’t “just right”. Its all in the timing.

The best time to plant a tree was years ago. The second-best time to plant a tree is today. It’s in the timing. Stop waiting. Stop analyzing. Stop looking for the perfect moment. Make the moment perfect by answering the door.


Life is like a market, and you are like a farmer. What you bring to the market determines the worth of your bounty. Don’t get upset and say life isn’t fair for bringing beans to the market and not getting the price of the prime beef for it. Instead, raise the beef.

A farmer doesn’t wake up and have a bounty. They plant and groom it. They nurture it. They protect it. They sacrifice for it. They sweat over it and when the timing is right and the opportunity presents itself; they are ready, prepared, and rewarded for the effort. Its all in the timing.

Raise your standards. Train harder. Read more. Listen more and talk less. Increase your value and you increase your net worth.  Learn more and grow your value in life’s market. No one ever completed a triathlon by watching one on the television, or analyzing what equipment was perfect before they started. No one raised a crop without tilling the field, planting it, watering it regularly, nurturing it, protecting it, and then, and only then, when the timing is right, they harvest it.

Start now. Sacrifice some “free time” which is not free. Every moment you spend not developing and preparing your bounty is lessening the value of it. Like I said, it’s All in the timing. Don’t you think it’s about time? For you?




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